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February 01, 2021

Downsizing Decisions | Tim Clark & Mark BonDurant, RPhs, Pharmacy Transition Partners

Tim Clark and Mark BonDurant are pharmacists. They've owned and sold dozens of pharmacies together. They are both consultants for Pharmacy Transition Partners. In this episode, we talk about difficult downsizing decisions. ht...

Selling/Buying Pharmacy

January 25, 2021

Negotiating Wholesaler Contracts | Ozzy Osbrink, SRG

Ozzy Osbrink is vice president of business development for SRG.


January 18, 2021

Pharmacy Conferences Reimagined | Vivian Juter Frankel, PharmaSalon

Vivian Juter Frankel is the CEO of PharmaSalon.


January 11, 2021

Networking with LinkedIn | Iqbal Atcha, RPh, MBA, Career Coach, Atcha International

Iqbal Atcha, RPh, MBA, helps healthcare professionals and executives advance their careers.


January 04, 2021

Strength in Numbers | Shawn Bjorndal, PharmD, RPhAlly Founder

Pharmacist Shawn Bjorndal is the founder of RPhAlly.


December 28, 2020

Building a Business on Experience | Craig Douglas, Cofounder, Statim RX

Craig Douglas is the cofounder of Statim Rx, an 'on demand' pharmacy.


December 21, 2020

After Rutledge: What's next? | Linda Clark, Attorney, Partner at Barclay Damon

Linda Clark is an attorney who helps pharmacists and pharmacies. Listen in as we discuss the ramifications of Rutledge v. Pharmaceutical Care Management Association.

PBM Legal

December 14, 2020

Manufacturer Drug Pricing | Robert Popovian, PharmD, Vice President US Government Relations, Pfizer

Robert Popovian, PharmD, works for Pfizer. He is a clinical pharmacist, health economist, and a truth teller.


December 07, 2020

Marketing a Certification Program | Sachin Shah, PharmD, Veganmed, Inc. Co-Founder

Sachin Shah, PharmD is the co-founder of Veganmed, Inc.

Marketing Services

November 30, 2020

Defending Against PBM Attacks | Payal Amin & Dae Lee, PharmDs & Attorneys at Frier Levitt

Payal and Dae are both pharmacists and attorneys with Frier Levitt.

PBM Legal

November 23, 2020

Harnessing Creativity as an Entrepreneur | Allyson Brennan, PharmD, Emogene & Co. Natural Skincare

Allyson Brennan, PharmD, is the founder and owner of Emogene & Co. Natural Skincare.

Startup Marketing

November 16, 2020

Drive Profitability through Accounting | Shawnna Weber, CEO Edgewood Business Solutions

Shawnna Weber is the CEO of Edgewood Business Solutions. Edgewood Business Solutions Home office reimbursement worksheet


November 09, 2020

Pharmacy Social Media Groups | Deborah Bowers, PharmD

Deborah Bowers is a pharmacist who administers a pharmacy social media group on facebook.

Marketing Associations

November 02, 2020

The Power of Storytelling | Joe Baker, MBA, author of 'Baker's Dirty Dozen'

Joe Baker, MBA, teaches personal finance to college pharmacy students.


October 26, 2020

The Voice of Pharmacy | Kim Newlove, Pharmacist, The Pharmacist's Voice®

Kim Newlove is a pharmacist and the founder of The Pharmacist's Voice®


October 19, 2020

Numbers That Work | Owen BonDurant and Mark Nelson of Independent Rx Consulting

Owen BonDurant and Mark Nelson are both partners at Independent Rx Consulting, offering pharmacy consulting and accounting services to independent pharmacies.


October 12, 2020

Pharmacy is a Joke | Comedian Maurice Shaw, PharmD

Maurice Shaw, PharmD is a pharmacist and a professional comedian. RxComedy on YouTube

Workplace Psychology

October 05, 2020

Complete and Fundamental Payment Reform | Antonio Ciaccia, 3 Axis Advisors

Antonio Ciaccia of 3 Axis Advisors and 46brooklyn Research, has recently been named Senior Advisor for Disruptive Innovation and Practice Transformation at the American Pharmacists Association.


September 28, 2020

Gain Traction on LinkedIn | Chris Cozzolino, PharmD, co-founder Uptown Creation

Chris Cozzolino, PharmD, helps businesses gain traction on LinkedIn through his company, Uptown Creation.


September 21, 2020

Franchise vs. Startup | Shaneka Baylor, PharmD, Multi-Business Owner

Shaneka Baylor is a pharmacist. She owns two businesses: one, a franchise, the other, a start-up.

Startup Marketing

September 14, 2020

Traditional PBM Disruptor | Nathan Gabhart, CEO, TrueScripts PBM

Nathan Gabhart is the founder and CEO of TrueScripts PBM


September 07, 2020

Being the CEO of a Public Pharma Co. | Shawn Singh, CEO, VistaGen

Shawn Singh is the CEO of VistaGen Therapeutics.

Pharma CEO

August 31, 2020

On Being the CEO of APhA | Scott Knoer, PharmD, CEO, American Pharmacists Assoc.

Scott Knoer, PharmD, is the CEO of the American Pharmacists Association.

CEO Associations

August 24, 2020

Exploring the Opaque World of Drug Pricing | Eric Pachman, ChE, MBA, Founder of 46brooklyn Research

Eric Pachman is the founder of 46brooklyn Research, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the transparency and accessibility of drug pricing data for the American public.