The Business of Pharmacy Podcast™

The Business of Pharmacy Podcast™

The Business of Pharmacy Podcast™ is an interesting and entertaining weekly podcast discussion on the business of pharmacy. Hosted by Mike Koelzer, an independent pharmacist in Grand Rapids, Michigan, each episode covers a new topic relevant to pharmacists and pharmacy owners. Listen to a new episode every Monday morning.

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Recent Episodes

February 06, 2023

The Impact of AI on Pharmacists | Tim Ulbrich, PharmD, Your Financial Pharmacist

Tim Ulbrich, CEO of Your Financial Pharmacist and host Mike Koelzer discuss the impact of technology on the pharmacy profession, financial wellness for pharmacists, and the future of education, and how it may be disrupted by ...

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January 30, 2023

The Dual Pharmacy Model | Nate Hux, Pharmacist, Freedom Pharmacy and Pikerington Pharmacy

Nate Hux, R.Ph. is a pharmacist who runs a dual pharmacy system, where one pharmacy is inside the traditional healthcare system and the other is outside of it, He believes that this system allows for greater transparency for customers and helps them understand the costs of their medication.

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January 23, 2023

Navigating Difficult Conversations with Pharmacy Staff | Patrick Lott, SHRM-CP

Patrick Lott, an executive and leadership coach, is discussing the gap between the expectations of employees and the reality of what is seen in the workplace, specifically in the field of pharmacy. He discusses the importance of investing in staff and creating a culture of trust and accountability within the organization.

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The Impact of AI on Pharmacists | Tim Ulbrich, PharmD

Discover the potential impact of artificial intelligence on the pharmacy profession in the informative article and accompanying podcast featuring Tim Ulb…

The Dual Pharmacy Model

Nate Hux, R.Ph, is the owner of two pharmacies in Pickerington, Ohio, with a unique approach to serving customers.

5 Reasons to Have the Difficult Conversations

As a pharmacy leader, it can be difficult to have those tough conversations with your team. But, as Patrick Lott, SHRM - CP, an executive and leadership …

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Mike Koelzer

Host and Pharmacist

In addition to hosting the podcast, Mike owns an independent pharmacy in Grand Rapids, Michigan. When not working, Mike enjoys improving his sight-reading at the piano.