The Business of Pharmacy Podcast™


August 17, 2020

Pharmacy Business Loans | Mike Bollinger, senior vice-president, Live Oak Bank

Mike Bollinger is the senior vice-president, head of pharmacy lending, at Live Oak Bank.

Selling/Buying Pharmacy

August 10, 2020

Fighting for Provider Status | Michael Hogue, PharmD, President APhA

Michael Hogue, PharmD, is the president of American Pharmacists Association.

Services Associations

August 03, 2020

Making a Political Impact | Chris Schiller, PharmD, Economy Pharmacy

Chris Schiller, PharmD, owns four pharmacies in Oklahoma. Listen as he discusses how one person can make a political impact.


July 27, 2020

From Death to Life | Mayank Amin, PharmD, MBA, Skippack Pharmacy

Mayank Amin, PharmD, MBA, brought a deserted pharmacy back to life, with many twists and turns along the way. This is that story.

Marketing Selling/Buying Pharmacy

July 20, 2020

Scripting your Personal Brand | Adam Martin, PharmD, 'The Fit Pharmacist'

Adam Martin, PharmD, created The Fit Pharmacist brand around his loves, now he teaches others to do the same with their own personal brand.


July 13, 2020

Grow Revenue by Building People | Travis Wolff, PharmD, PharmFurther

Travis Wolff, PharmD, helps pharmacy owners and employees work better together in order to grow revenue.

Workplace Psychology

July 06, 2020

The Joy of Problem Solving | Joe Williams, PharmD, Indy RX Consulting

Joe Williams owns three pharmacies. He loves solving problems and has turned that into a business helping other independent pharmacies with their operations.

Workplace Psychology

June 29, 2020

Counterpunching the PBMs | Benjamin Jolley, PharmD

DIR expert, Benjamin Jolley, PharmD, discusses effective counterpunches that can be used against the pharmacy benefit managers

PBM Services

June 20, 2020

From Problem to New Product | Megan Jolley Milne, PharmD, 'The Prednisone Pharmacist'

Dr. Megan Jolley Milne built Nutranize's 'Zone Dietary Supplement' to solve a problem faced by all prednisone patients. Here is how she did it.

Startup Marketing

June 11, 2020

Multi-level Marketing: a No-holds-barred Discussion | Melissa Henault, PharmD

Melissa Henault, PharmD, successful corporate clinical leader turned entrepreneur. Listen as Melissa and host, Mike Koelzer, have a no-holds-barred discussion on the topic of multi-level marketing.


June 04, 2020

Amazon vs. Traditional Healthcare | "Innovating for Wellness" author Robert Longyear

Robert Longyear is the author of "Innovating for Wellness: Bridging the Gap between Health System and Patient"

Startup Marketing

May 30, 2020

Connecting Physicians to Pharmacies | Nandita Koodie, PharmD., Telehealth Network Liaison

Dr. Nandita Koodie, founder of Perfect Balance Healthcare, connects physicians to pharmacies with her influencing skills.


May 23, 2020

Inspire from Where You Are | Dr. Maria Glukhovsky, PharmD, Author

Dr. Maria Glukhovsky is pharmacist who uses her PharmD degree and ingenuity to inspire not only those around her but also the seemingly unreachable.


May 14, 2020

Narrow your Niche | Brian Bisher, PharmD, EmpowerRx Health Solutions

Brian Bisher is a pharmacist and the founder of EmpowerRx Health Solutions, which helps new pharmacist dads get physically and mentally fit for life.


May 07, 2020

Prepare for Exigencies | Dr. Richard Harris MD, PharmD, MBA

Dr. Richard Harris is a medical doctor, a doctor of pharmacy, and has his masters in business administration. From early in life, he was taught that the more safety nets you prepare for yourself in business and in life, the ...


May 04, 2020

Paperless Medication Guides | Richard Waithe, PharmD, VUCA Health President

Richard Waithe, PharmD, is the president of VUCA Health. VUCA Health has created the largest and most robust medication video library in the world to address low health literacy.


April 23, 2020

Building a Successful Service Business | Entrepreneur Leslie Hodge, PharmD

Pharmacist Leslie Hodge shares how she has built two successful service businesses.


April 16, 2020

Juggling Three Pharmacies | Pharmacist and Entrepreneur Ghada Abdallah

Pharmacist Ghada Abdallah, founded, operated, and sold three pharmacies. This is her entrepreneurial story.

Services Selling/Buying Pharmacy

April 12, 2020

The Power of Offline Networking | Chara Reid-Reed, PharmD, Founder of Pharmacist Women Networking Association, Inc

Chara Reid-Reed, PharmD is the founder of Pharmacist Women Networking Association, Inc. Listen as she shares her 'offline networking' expertise.

Marketing Psychology

April 05, 2020

Improv as a Life Philosophy | Cory Jenks, PharmD, Founder of ImprovRx

Cory Jenks is a pharmacist and improv comedian who teaches people how to deal with the unexpected.


March 29, 2020

Behind-the-scenes of 'Pharmapreneur Academy' | Founder Blair Thielemier, PharmD

Blair Thielemier, PharmD, equips pharmacists to create successful consulting services.


March 22, 2020

Bridging School and Reality | Brooke Griffin, PharmD of '21st Century PharmD'

Brooke Griffin, PharmD is the founder of 21st Century PharmD, a virtual space preparing students for pharmacy practice in the 21st Century. She is a professor and vice chair of pharmacy practice at Midwestern University Chica...

Growth Pharmacy School

March 15, 2020

Behind-the-scenes of The Burnout Doctor | Jessica Louie, PharmD

Dr. Jessica Louie, PharmD, APh, BCCCP is a Burnout Coach, Declutter Coach/Certified KonMari Consultant, and host of The Burnout Doctor Podcast. She helps burned out pharmacists and healthcare professionals get out of overwhel...


March 09, 2020

Behind-the-scenes of Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency | Scott Newman, President of PUTT

Scott Newman takes us behind-the-scenes of Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency, and what make them, and him, tick.