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Nicolette Mathey

Pharmacist, Owner

Dr. Nicolette Mathey, PharmD, started working in pharmacy in 2003 as a clerk. Her passion for independent pharmacy grew and resulted in many exciting positions, from corporate Pharmacy Manager, to Transitions of Care pharmacist at a large health system, opening pharmacies and implementing meds-to-beds programs, to consulting for Pharmacy Development Services (PDS) full-time as their Director of Clinical Services and visiting over 100 pharmacies to perform onsite consulting and help implement their new programs.

Nicolette purchased Palm Harbor Pharmacy in her hometown in 2017, and has since grown and relocated it (in a Heat Zone!) This pharmacy serves as a true test kitchen for any new programs her consulting firm dreams up. ATRIUM24, a consulting firm meaning constant heart, was founded by Nicolette in 2019. With a focus on cash which include commercially available RXs as well as compounds, clinical niches, prescriber marketing strategies, RX Order Forms & Idea Sheets per specialty, custom branded pieces for her stores, as well as a robust Data Analytics program that continues to become more sophisticated and robust, nothing like what the ATRIUM24 team has built exists, and it’s only getting better!

December 19, 2022

Pharmacy Marketing and Sales | Nicolette Mathey, PharmD, ATRIUM24

In this podcast, host Mike Koelzer interviews Nicolette Mathey, a pharmacist and owner of a consulting firm that focuses on sales and marketing for independent pharmacies. Mathey discusses the importance of finding a niche for your pharmacy and aligning it with your passions, profits, patients, and payers.

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