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Keep up the great work!

Mike and Kyle did a great job of explaining his program and how to make sense of this market.

Worth your time

I look forward to listening to Mike's podcast. Relevant topics and interesting insights from the experts in the trenches of our independent pharmacy world. Keep up the good work!

Great information thank you

Love to hear the podcast for new information

Information and entertaining!

I love listening to Mike on my commute. He tells it like it is. Very refreshing!

Great Discussions

Host Mike does an amazing job working through these interviews to bring different topics to the show and tie them into the business of pharmacy. Really enjoy this show!

Great podcast

Great podcast. I really enjoy it on my way to work.

Great work

I just found out about this podcast and I love it. It’s got great content and well done.

Great new podcast

You’ve got some stellar interviews and quick business tips that are priceless! Keep up the good work and good luck pushing forward with your unique perspective!

Great guests; nice host

Mike Koelzer interviews guests with enthusiasm and is easy to identify with. I'm a pharmacist, and he's a pharmacist. When he humbly asks guests to back up and explain a new concept, I silently think, "Thanks, Mike!" because I didn't know what that was either. Mike has a lot of guests I want to hear from, and he asks great questions. I enjoy the show. I subscribed and am looking forward to hearing more Mike Koelzer The Business of Pharmacy Podcasts!