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Marketing Challenges for Pharmacies | Nicolle McClure, GRX Marketing

When pharmacist Nicolle McClure, president and owner of JX Marketing, provides a critical assessment of the black-and-white rigid pharmacy industry and helps guide them to success with their unique marketing plan, she must navigate the compelling central conflict between personal interaction and digital marketing metrics.

You will learn:
1. How can independent pharmacies benefit from marketing strategies that go beyond traditional metrics and numbers?
2. How can pharmacies target their marketing campaigns to most effectively reach their desired audiences?
3. What techniques can be used to ensure that a pharmacy's social media presence remains active, engaging, and up-to-date?

Nicolle McClure is the president and owner of JX Marketing, a full-service marketing company that works with independent pharmacies across the United States. She has a marketing degree and specializes in helping pharmacies create strategic plans and market research to reach their target audiences.

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