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Comfortable in the Uncomfortable | Jena Quinn, PharmD, BCPPS, Perfecting Peds

Follow Jena Quinn, PharmD, on her journey as she boldly takes on the challenge of transforming healthcare for medically-complex children, facing her fears to ultimately reach her goal of providing comprehensive medication management to every patient.

Jena Quinn is a business owner and pharmacist of Perfecting Peds, a company she started a year ago. She specializes in providing comprehensive medication management to medically complex children and high risk maternal medicine patients.

This episode is about Entrepreneurship journey. Jena Quinn, PharmD learned about Entrepreneurship journey through her own business ventures. She found out her biggest challenge was lack of resources, but was able to supplement her pharmacist salary with multilevel marketing. Jena used social media to market her business, promote her services, and to be relatable to her customers. She also learned to be honest about her own journey and her limitations in order to be successful. To reach a larger audience, she uses LinkedIn for professional networking and to read about others' journeys. Jena is focused on providing clinically complex care to patients and hopes to scale her business in the future.

"I always felt like I'm so blessed to have this knowledge, and I would always think, what would a parent do that didn't have this knowledge?"

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. How Jena Quinn, PharmD, used her knowledge of pediatric medicine and for her own parenting journey to help other parents.
2. How Jena was able to use her LLC to take on contracts from facilities with medically complex children.
3. Why Jena chose to focus her social media marketing efforts on LinkedIn instead of Facebook and Instagram.


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