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January 09, 2023

Marketing Challenges for Pharmacies | Nicolle McClure, GRX Marketing

Nicolle McClure and Mike Koelzer discuss the challenges of marketing for community pharmacies and the importance of both digital marketing and personal interactions, as well as the difficulty of tracking marketing effectiveness and the need for independent pharmacies to differentiate themselves through personal relationships and community involvement.

Startup Growth Marketing

July 18, 2022

Gaining National Distribution | Kris Rhea, MBA, Head of Pharmacy, BIOLYTE®

Kris Rhea, MBA discusses how is achieving national distributions as the head of pharmacy at BIOLYTE®.

Startup Growth

June 27, 2022

The Aging Consumer Market | Tom Hartwig, PhD, Mature Living Environments

Tom Hartwig, PhD, discusses the needs of and the potential of the rapidly aging consumer market.


June 06, 2022

Growing Existing Businesses | Rudy Dajie, Pharmacist

Pharmacist Rudy Dajie discusses his love of growing existing businesses.


September 20, 2021

Reinvigorating Retail | Dave Wendland, VP Strategic Relations, Hamacher Resource Group (HRG)

Dave Wendland is the VP of Strategic Relations at Hamacher Resource Group (HRG).

Growth Marketing

August 16, 2021

Increase Retail Sales | Tyson Clarke, CEO Voista

Tyson Clarke is the CEO of Voista, a retail training software.

Growth Services Psychology

March 22, 2020

Bridging School and Reality | Brooke Griffin, PharmD of '21st Century PharmD'

Brooke Griffin, PharmD is the founder of 21st Century PharmD, a virtual space preparing students for pharmacy practice in the 21st Century. She is a professor and vice chair of pharmacy practice at Midwestern University Chica...

Growth Pharmacy School

October 13, 2019

Community Pharmacy at a Crossroad | Adam King, CPhT, RPhT, PRS

Adam King is the pharmacy savings program manager for Health Plan Advocate which represents self-funded insurance plans. His role is to identify opportunities that save health plans and their members money. #business #pharmac...


August 06, 2019

How to Change Careers | Adam Baillio, PharmD

After a successful career in theater, Adam Baillio decided he needed a career with more consistent work. Pharmacy was his choice. Never one to relax in his pursuits, he knew that even as a student, networking with current pha...

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