The Business of Pharmacy Podcast™
May 1, 2023

Strategic Pharmacy Marketing | Wayne Glowac, Orion Marketing

Strategic Pharmacy Marketing | Wayne Glowac, Orion Marketing

Marketing a pharmacy is not an easy task, especially when there are numerous competitors in the market. In a podcast conversation between Mike Koelzer and Wayne Glowac, the owner of Orion Marketing, the two discuss how pharmacies can market their services effectively. Wayne emphasizes that pharmacies need to develop a strategy first and define their mission, vision, and values before identifying their benefit pillars. Benefit pillars are the things that differentiate a pharmacy from its competitors, generate fair profits, and are things that the pharmacy is good at and can do more of.

To effectively market a pharmacy, Wayne advises pharmacies to make customers feel cared about, not just cared for. He shares tips on improving customer retention, such as offering rewards programs, sending personalized messages, and following up after a customer's visit. Wayne warns that many pharmacies make the mistake of not having a website and not taking advantage of free listings like Google Business listings. Pharmacies should have an online presence, show that they are current, and leverage their benefit pillars to attract and retain customers.

Wayne recommends that pharmacies specialize and focus on their strengths, rather than adding services for the sake of doing so. He suggests conducting a crop analysis program to identify these "diamonds in the backyard." Pharmacies should also build relationships with physicians and their staff to increase referrals through a process called doctor detailing. By dedicating specific times each month for doctor visits and building relationships with key players, pharmacies can gain trust and increase their referrals.

Furthermore, Wayne emphasizes the importance of follow-through and persistence in sales and other areas of business. Success often comes after multiple attempts to build relationships and communicate effectively. In the podcast, Wayne also discusses low-cost marketing ideas for pharmacists to attract customers, such as joining service clubs in the community, being a local expert for media outlets, using door hangers for free delivery, reaching out to local employers, registering for Google My Business, providing bag stuffers, and offering free vitamins.

Finally, Wayne and Mike discuss the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the pharmacy industry. Wayne stresses the importance of having a clear vision and mission for a pharmacy business. He notes that AI can provide quality online content and answer people's questions, but he expresses concern about the abuse of information and disinformation. Mike shares his optimism that AI can help raise humans to a higher level by freeing them from mundane tasks and allowing them to focus on solving more complex problems.

In conclusion, marketing a pharmacy requires a well-developed strategy that focuses on the pharmacy's strengths and benefits. Building relationships with physicians and their staff, following up with customers, and leveraging online presence are key to effective marketing. Pharmacies can also use low-cost marketing ideas to attract more customers and improve their outreach. As AI continues to grow, pharmacies need to have a clear vision and mission to ensure that they use this technology in ethical and responsible ways.

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