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April 17, 2023

Launching Your Ideas | Jamie Wilkey, PharmD, Wealthy White Coat

Launching Your Ideas | Jamie Wilkey, PharmD, Wealthy White Coat

Are you a pharmacist feeling stuck in your career and looking for ways to create and earn more? In a recent podcast, pharmacist and entrepreneur Dr. Jamie Wilkey shares her experience of launching her own consulting practice and teaches pharmacists how to do the same. In this article, we summarize the key takeaways from the podcast and provide additional insights to help you launch your idea and build your brand as a pharmacist.

The traditional mindset in pharmacy is that to do more, you have to have more letters after your name. But Dr. Wilkey argues that this mindset is outdated. In today's world, where one can reach anyone with a click of a button, hard skills quantified by letters after one's name do not necessarily apply. Instead, relevant skills like embracing technology and getting online to create your brand are crucial.

So, what are the reasons why people do not launch their ideas? Dr. Wilkey believes that there are two primary reasons: they do not feel like experts, or they are scared to put themselves out there. Many pharmacists do not know what they are interested in because they have been doing the same thing for so long. They believe that because they have a degree in pharmacy, everything they do has to be somehow pharmacy-related. However, this mindset limits their ability to discover their unique qualities and interests.

Dr. Wilkey emphasizes the need for consistency when launching an idea. Even if you are moving in the wrong direction, you are still moving, and you will eventually find your way. She encourages people not to worry about starting and launching their ideas because the first six months of doing anything are typically garbage, and you need to make a million mistakes to achieve success.

Moreover, Dr. Wilkey stresses the importance of moving and not waiting for perfection. She shares her experience of quitting complaining and finding hope for the future when she created her LinkedIn account. The world is your oyster, and it is up to you to work and build the future you want. You need to get into the habit of moving and realize that the first few attempts may not work, but you must keep moving forward.

The podcast also touches on the importance of doing activities that can be sustained long-term, such as minimal fitness routines that one can commit to every day. Similarly, you need to set achievable tasks and make consistency a non-negotiable daily habit to achieve long-term success.

Creating rather than consuming is also important, according to Dr. Wilkey. You need to put yourself out there in order to create a professional asset for yourself. Start creating, even if it means being terrible at it initially, as it sets you apart from those who do not dare to start. Learn new skills through online resources like YouTube videos and embrace the opportunities provided by social media platforms like LinkedIn.

To summarize, launching your idea and building your brand as a pharmacist requires a mindset shift away from traditional notions of success based on letters after your name. Embrace technology, get online, and discover your unique qualities and interests. Set achievable tasks, make consistency a daily habit, and start creating, even if it means being uncomfortable at first. The world is your oyster, and the first step to building the future you want is to move forward, even if it means making a million mistakes along the way.

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