The Business of Pharmacy Podcast™
April 3, 2023

Building Trust and Credibility Among Pharmacy Colleagues | Ned Milenkovich, PharmD, Atty, Much Law

Building Trust and Credibility Among Pharmacy Colleagues | Ned Milenkovich, PharmD, Atty, Much Law
In a recent podcast, host Mike Koelzer interviews Ned Milenkovich, a pharmacist and practicing attorney specializing in drug and pharmacy law. The two discuss the importance of cultivating relationships, career diversification, and personal growth, along with the challenges and opportunities that come with embracing technology and social media in the field.
Milenkovich's career is driven by his passion for law, healthcare, journalism, and public service. He combines his pharmacy and law degrees to help others in the drug and pharmacy law domain, believing that focusing on one's passion rather than solely on financial gains often leads to greater success. To "dig his well deeper," Milenkovich emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with intelligent individuals, sharing ideas with others, and engaging with decision-makers.

The conversation touches upon the shift from traditional media and middlemen to the era of social media and self-publishing. Milenkovich talks about his experience sharing articles on platforms like LinkedIn and the methods he used to communicate with his network in the early days of the internet. The two discuss the importance of being proactive and taking initiative in promoting oneself and maintaining connections.

Koelzer and Milenkovich also discuss the evolving role of technology in personal communication, acknowledging that while it has made communication more efficient, it has also led to a loss of personal touch. They agree that small gestures still matter and that staying engaged and reaching out to others is crucial for building trust and credibility among colleagues.

The podcast concludes with a discussion about the possibility of writing a book and sharing their experiences with evolving perspectives. Mike reveals that he has written three books, but later pulled two of them due to changes in his beliefs and views. Ned notes that it's normal for people to evolve and change over time, and that it could be a sign of wisdom and growth.

Offering advice for young pharmacists, Ned suggests that they should identify their passions and use search engines to explore career options in and beyond pharmacy. He encourages them to network, attend conferences, and engage with others to gain insights and experiences.

In summary, this podcast highlights the value of cultivating relationships, staying engaged in one's profession, and leveraging technology to share ideas and knowledge. The conversation between Mike Koelzer and Ned Milenkovich emphasizes the importance of personal growth, adapting to change, and focusing on one's passion to build trust and credibility among pharmacy colleagues. By embracing these principles, professionals in the pharmacy and law fields can enhance their careers and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

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